Main actors

Prof. Anne-Marie Leander Touati, Lund University (LU), former director of the Swedish Institute in Rome (1997-2001), is director of the project and as such coordinator of the conjoint effort as well as responsible for economy and scientific results.

Fieldwork in Insula V 1
Dr Margareta Staub Gierow, SU and Archäologisches Institut, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg, is the most experienced member of the team. She was sole field-director, with the special mission to school the team, during the two first campaigns (2000-2001). After this date, when it was decided to split the campaign in two groups for easier handling and for facilitating participation of archaeologists and students under greater obligation to stay in Sweden during the Academic terms, she has directed the larger of the two campaigns, during early autumn.

Prof. Arja Karivieri, SU, who works in collaboration with Dr Renée Forsell, SU, is field-director of a separate campaign during the summer-term since 2001.

Dr Henrik Boman, SU, and Dr Monica Nilsson, SU, became members of the autumn campaign in 2001, with the special delegation to conduct the field-work in the commercial and production facilities of the insula.

Dr Thomas Staub, LU, member of the fieldwork since its start and responsible of logistics and the documentation of Casa del Torello. He finished his PhD in 2013, with the title: The Casa del Torello di Bronzo (V 1,7) in Pompeii. Investigating a residential house and its complex water system.
Hans Thorwid: senior photographer of the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm.
MA Ezequiel Pinto Guillaume: diploma architect, in charge of drawings, and of the classification of the Roman pottery.
BA Carin Pettersson: restorer, in charge of the plaster analysis.
Dr. Carola Liebe-Harkort, SU: osteologist.

The City Gate Seminar
Prof. Anne-Marie Leander Touati

Pompeii revived
Prof. Anne-Marie Leander Touati
Dr Margareta Nisser Dalman
BA Helen Simonsson: fieldwork in Stockholm
BA Hélèe Melin Geijer: fieldwork in Stockholm
Senior curator Suzanne Unge-Sörling, Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm: collaborator on the exhibition idea (2008).

THE SWEDISH POMPEII PROJECT. fieldwork, insula V 1, west facade
THE SWEDISH POMPEII PROJECT. fieldwork, insula V 1, west facade
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